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Welcome! This is gonna be a really cool blog about what it is like to be a kid and sunsafe at the same time. We are just two ordinary 10 year olds (We are twins :D). Our names are Hayden and Logan! We are blogging because nobody ever asks us kids about what we think when we put on sunscreen.... and how much it stinks to be sunburnt.

We are hoping that by blogging, you can share your ideas on how to be safe in the sun! We will share our ideas about ways to have fun in the sun, maybe even show you some really fun bathing suits or creative ways to be outside and not be sunburnt!

Why are we doing this?

Well, we are not only twins, but we have red hair! (Did you know that red heads have a higher chance of getting skin cancer? Do you even know what cancer is? Did you even know your skin could get cancer on it?)

We are two kids who love anything about computers, so we thought that we could use the web as a fun tool to share info about being SunAWARE!!!!!!!

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