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I know that I shouldn’t be writing about these things because this is a blog about staying Sun Safe! Since my parents tell me I shouldn’t lie, I have to be honest... I dislike sunscreen, actually, I hate it! It’s not because I want to be tan – I don’t! It’s the feeling that sunscreen brings! To me, I always want it off of me because it feels very weird, sticky, greasy, but I know that is protects me!
Ok, so the truth is out, you now know I hate sunscreen! So what? Who cares that some random 11 year-old hates sunscreen? But I know a lot of you out there probably hate it too! So... what are our other choices? I know my mom won’t let me out in the sun without some kind of protection! So... my choices are:
1.) Wrap trash bags around my whole body and then go outside and play
2.) Only play outside at midnight!
3.) Play outside only on rainy days when the sun isn’t out!
I know those aren’t realistic choices, so seriously, what are some other options?
One really good option is sun-protective clothing! Sun-protective clothing is, well... clothing! Some are specially made to protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays! And some can be plain old regular clothes from your closet! Depending on the fabric your clothing is made of gives you a higher/lower chance of getting sunburned! This is measured by something called UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) – which measures the amount of UV radiation that gets through the fabric and reaches your skin. Some are better than others! Which ones are the best? Here’s a simple explanation from the Skin Cancer Foundation: “The easiest way to test if a fabric can protect your skin is to hold it up to the light. If you can see through it, then UV radiation can penetrate it - and your skin.”

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