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The creative juices and drinks were flowing at the most recent fundraiser held by the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation. Supporters and friends of the foundation got together for a “Paint Night” in Hanover on Thursday evening, putting their artistic ability to the test. With the help of a talented instructor, a fun-loving atmosphere and of course, some fine wine, even those doubtful of their artistic ability were able to produce boast-worthy paintings. The comprehensive, step-by-step painting lesson made even the most amateur artist feel like Picasso for a night. If that didn’t do it, the encouragement and light-hearted laughter surrounding the room certainly did.

The intimate gathering consisted of delicious food, cool refreshments, and delightful conversation amongst a friendly group of professionals, leaders, and friends. Each person was supplied with a canvas, paints, brushes and careful instruction on how to create colorful hydrangeas. On top of the opportunity to create a piece of art, the lucky winners of the two raffles held that evening also brought home thoughtfully crafted gift baskets. One winner, Susan McCarthy, cheerfully held her stylish beach bag, equipped with sunblock and a UV detector. Susan Keyes, winner of the final raffle, gained a wine-lovers’ essentials kit, complete with an ice bucket, glasses, and other related accessories. However, I can safely say that we all felt like winners as we rinsed our brushes and hands of acrylics after a completed masterpiece.
As someone who is new to the Foundation, and new to painting, I can honestly report how welcomed I felt by the group of amazing individuals I met that evening. Though in particular, Maryellen Maguire-Eisen, Erin Presutti, and Susan Keyes took great strides to make the whole night possible, everyone present that evening had something authentic and meaningful to offer one another. Whether it had been kind words, helpful insight, a playful jest or even a refill, countless friendly impressions were made. The generous proceeds earned by fundraisers certainly are valuable to any foundation; however, the people that have shown their devotion to a worthwhile cause are truly priceless. This fundraiser has shown to me that this foundation is certainly rich in this category. For someone seeking great networking, a great time, and a great cause, a night out with the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation is the way to go.



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