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Community advocacy and supporting laws that protect children from sun damage and indoor tanning are our primary advocacy goals.  We were instrumental in advocating for an indoor tanning ban for minors that was signed into law by Massachusett's Gov. Baker in 2016.  Our Advocacy Coordinator, Maura Flynn, is working with the American Society for Dermatological Surgery Association on Sunucate...

American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Association

Aim for Melanoma

American Academy of Dermatology Association


Children's Melanoma Prevention Foundation (CMPF) is the only organization in the United States that is dedicated solely to teaching sun protection and skin cancer prevention to children and the people who care for them. Since its inception in 2003, CMPF has educated more than one million children and adults through their SunAWARE For Life Program. This has been accomplished by actively partnering with other key stakeholders and organizations that understand our mission; including nursing organizations, local and national foundations, government agencies, hospitals, and medical centers. As a small non-profit organization, CMPF relies heavily on the support of its partners to expand program reach and accelerate its mission to prevent skin cancer one child at a time through education and advocacy.

Partners in Prevention



The SunAWARE For Life Program was designed to promote our mission to teach children and the people who care for them about sun protection and skin cancer prevention.  This program is built upon the 5 easy action steps incorporated into the SunAWARE acronym. Foundation educators provide a fun and informative, standard-based program for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Annually, we educate tens of thousands of school children, teachers and nurses.


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